Free Festive Nail Polish – 4/24

Day 4/24 – free Body Shop nail polish

Free Nail Polish

To get your hands on this sparkly gold nail polish worth £5, download a code from here and take into your nearest Body Shop, but be quick as the voucher expires today. You can use the voucher for any standard sized nail polish, if you want something a bit more subtle (but where’s the fun in that?)

The voucher codes website also has a code for 40% off in Body Shop, which I used to get a couple of gift sets as pressies.

Magazine Freebie: Glamour with Free Eye Liner

The April edition of Glamour magazine costs just £2 and comes free with ModelCo make-up. When I wasn’t well last week (did I mention this?) I treated myself to a copy and got a free black eyeliner with built-in sharpener, worth £11. You can choose from mascara (RRP £16), lip liner (RRP £16) or lip gloss in one of two colours (RRP £12).

Glamour Freebie

The magazine also comes with a 25% off H&M ladieswear voucher valid until 5th April and a voucher inside offering a subscription to 6 editions of Glamour and a free Baylis & Harding gift set (worth £18), all for just £1. I decided to treat myself to a subscription as Glamour is a bit of a guilty pleasure and I’m intrigued to try the Baylis & Harding body care range… I will report back!


Broken Laptop/Instagram Weekend

My laptop appears to have given up the ghost (this may have something to do with it being a veteran of 6.5 years) but I refuse to give up on it. Whilst I attempt to rescue my poor sick computer, here’s an Instagram update of my weekend…

I’m trying out this £1 night cream from Tesco and will report back on my findings
I ate far too much delicious triple chocolate shortbread
I spent a sunny afternoon in Cheltenham

I had a free Starbucks coffee with my rewards voucher (a strawberries and cream Frapuccino, in case you’re wondering)

I got given a beautiful, freshly-picked pumpkin- looking forward to cooking with it this week
I enjoyed the last of the summer sunshine watching a friend compete in a triathlon
Hope you had a fun-filled weekend!
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Free McDonald’s Frappe

McDonald’s are offering a free frappe through their app at the moment. I decided this was a good chance to try one as I was skeptical about the concept of a frappe from a fast food restaurant!

To get a code, you just need to log onto the app and the offer will come up on the home screen. Once confirmed, it will be saved in the ‘voucher wallet’ to use in store.

They offer a choice of caramel and mocha, I opted for the latter as I was in the car and in need of some caffeine. It was a bit over sweet with the whipped cream and chocolate sauce they pile on top (and was probably therefore horrendously bad for me), but was not a bad effort, especially for free!

Click to download the app for iPhone or Android. Hurry though as codes expire on 29th August!

Free Newspaper When You Spend £5

Waitrose have improved their newspaper offer; now when MyWaitrose card holders spend £5, they can pick up a free copy of any of the following newspapers:

Daily Telegraph
Daily Mail
The Guardian
The Sunday Telegraph
The Mail on Sunday
The Observer

So now there’s something for everyone!

Although I don’t usually do my weekly shop at Waitrose, I do often pop in on my lunch break for a free tea or coffee and sometimes need to pick up a few bits. I went in yesterday to grab some baking supplies (watch this space!) and picked up my free newspaper:

Although Waitrose is generally a little pricier, they do price match on a lot of items and their Essential Waitrose range tends to be competitive with Sainsburys, Tesco and the like, so if you choose carefully, you can get a free newspaper worth £2 without spending a penny more on your shopping!

My Waitrose – Free Tea or Coffee

Have you signed up for a My Waitrose card yet? One of these beauties gives you access to all sorts of insights into how the other half live and most importantly a free regular tea or coffee every day. You also get a free newspaper Monday-Friday if you spend over £5 and exclusive discounts on food shopping.

A free coffee is a great excuse to get out of the house or pop out of work at lunchtime and have a change of scene. In fact I am writing this post in a Waitrose Café!

You can pick up an application form in store and it’s definitely worth making room in your purse for!

The Magical World of Quidco

I have finally joined Quidco– the cashback site- and I’m already beginning to wonder why I didn’t do it long ago! If you haven’t yet taken the plunge, or still believe (like I did for so long) that it was too good to be true, then I urge you to sign up, it only takes a few minutes and it’s totally freeeee (and no, this is not a sponsored post!)

To give you an idea of how much you can save, here’s what I’ve ‘earned’ so far:

2 x return train tickets for work, so I’ll even be able to claim the cost of the tickets: £0.80 + £0.42 (purchase price: £53.33 + £27.80)

Theatre tickets for Mum’s Birthday: £1.95 (purchase price: £65 of which £50 was a voucher)

Energy switch: £14 (purchase: none, in fact I’m saving money as I was paying too much for my electricity)

Hotel for black tie do in London: £11.57 (spend: £89 for a 4 star hotel on a Saturday night- Late Rooms are having an amazing sale)

House supplies from eBay (spend: £6.99)

So I’ve managed to make £28.91 without lifting a finger!

Loft Insulation

This may appear to be boring premise for a post, but bear with me here.

Did you know that you can get loft insulation entirely free of charge? Installed and everything. If you receive certain benefits you may even be paid for it to be fitted. This is because energy companies need to meet certain targets and this is the easiest way for them to do it. Money Saving Expert has a really useful guide to who offers what.

I got mine installed by British Gas, it was quick and easy and there has been a noticeable improvement already, hurrah!

Best of all, you can now buy ‘stilts’ designed to fit to your joists and support boards, so you can still use the loft for storage.

I can’t stress enough how much of a difference this makes for absolutely no cost.

Here’s our loft (halfway through the boarding process):

PS How nice is the brick arch in our loft, what a shame to have it hidden away!

Furnishing with Freegle

I love the idea that something you no longer have a use for can go to a good home and online communities Freegle and Freecycle are the perfect way to do this. You post a ‘wanted’ or ‘offered’ items and others can see your post and reply, simple.

Here are my ten top tips:

1. Be clear in your offered ad descriptions- detail the size, colour etc and also your location and when would be convenient for the new owner to collect

2. Most groups send a summary email everyday- sign up to receive daily digest emails, then you won’t need to keep checking the website

3. Be quick! If there’s something you really want, make sure the emails come through to your phone and reply as soon as you spot it- chances are if you want it, someone else probably does too!

4. When you reply to a post, be polite, succinct and flexible (nobody wants to read a long story about why you’d be the best person to have the item)

5. Be patient and be prepared to wait for replies if you post a wanted ad- it’s bad etiquette to re-post wanted ads frequently

6. Remember that it’s free- don’t ask for anything ridiculous and be grateful for all offers you receive

7. Give and take- it’s important not to just always browse the offers, but to give stuff too. I make a rule that for everything I receive from Freegle, I will post something too

8. Keep up to date- mark offered items as ‘collected’ and wanted items as ‘received’ to save your time and other peoples

9. Say thank you- it’s always nice to drop someone an email afterwards thanking them for the item

10. Be careful- these online communities tend to be lovely, safe places, where people want to share what they no longer need, but think sensibly when agreeing to collect items and bring someone along with you, just in case

Here are some of the free things we’ve found for the kitchen at Thrifty Terrace:

And a slimline dishwasher, which is perfect for our small kitchen and a real luxury in our otherwise spartan home:

We have also given lots away lately, including our old bath tub, which I’m told is now being used on an allotment to grow carrots in!

Why not have a look- you’ll be surprised at what you can find!