Fathers Day- Step Dad Cards

Next Sunday it is Father’s Day and as ever, this leaves me with a bit of a dilemma. As you probably have noticed, I like to make cards, but sometimes there is a lack of time/appropriate manly-card-making-material and one must resort to the shops.

As far as I can work out, only 3 kinds of Father’s Day cards exist:
1. Soppy ones, only really appropriate from small children (see here and here)
2. Corny ones with beer/football/golf/TV references on (see here)
3. Comedy ones, that aren’t really funny or are just crude (see here)

Occasionally you manage to snap one up that is none of the above- for some good ones see herehere or here. I managed to snaffle one such ‘normal’ card for my Dad this year happily (although only after visiting several shops and spending an unreasonable amount of time browsing, in which I probably could have made something!)

But the real problem arises when trying to purchase a card for my Step Dad. Now, I am most certainly not alone in having parents who have re-married, yet somehow when it comes to Father’s Day, the card industry chooses to produce husband and grandad cards and even ones for your brother, but almost completely ignores the poor, downtrodden step dad. You can have the ‘you’re not my actual Dad’ type- here or you might prefer the ‘someone very special’ approach- here, but to me, for all of the effort he put in parenting me, my Step Dad deserves a lot more. So I have turned my back on the card industry for another year and instead and made one (and must now bear the guilt of making one and not the other!)

So that was a long-winded introduction into making your own Scrabble card…

1. Green scrabble board tissue paper back, glued on in two layers for strength and left to dry overnight

2. Silver gel pen Scrabble grid (later trimmed down as I realised it wasn’t square!) 
3. Letter tiles (with more time, these could be rounded at the edges to look more authentic 

4. Glued together with some pink and red squares to create a Scrabble board look

Happy Father’s Day to both of my wonderful ‘Dads’!

Fancy Fonts- Wedding Acceptance Card

This summer we are going to our first ‘grown up’ wedding (of friends, not family members). I was very excited to receive the invitation in the post and of course to make a wedding acceptance card. I’ve been wanted to try out drawing fancy lettering and this was the perfect opportunity.
First I cut out hearts from wrapping paper (the same paper used for my owl), stuck them on and went around them with silver glitter glue:
I then drew lines for the lettering and wrote my message out on Word to copy. The font I used here is Academy Engraved LET:

I then filled in the pencil letters with silver gel pen and left it to dry, here’s the finished product:

I also had a go on this thank you card at the same font, although it’s not quite lined up as I’d like. The ribbon is from a Sephora gift set I got for Christmas one year and has been waiting in my ribbons and beads box for the right moment:

Any more pretty font suggestions to work from would be most welcome!

Make Your Own Owl Card

I’m loving the cute crafty owl trend and if you too want to hop on the bandwagon, then I’ve made a cut out template to get you started:

Use off-cuts of used wrapping paper to make your owl as shiny, spotty, striped or subtle as you like!

My owl is made with some Paperchase wrapping paper from my Birthday last year and purple sugar paper to match. I think he’s rather cute!

Mothers’ Day Flowers and my ‘Magic Board’

This Sunday is Mothers’ Day here in the UK and although my Mum and I are doing something nice next weekend (Ideal Home Show– hurrah!) I won’t be seeing her this Sunday. In a moment of domestic bliss, we made our Mums (or Mom in his case) a card each. Here is my effort:

The card in itself is not that exciting (cut out flowers with a blob of glitter glue on a used yellow wrapping paper background), although it is quite pretty. What is exciting, however, is what is behind it- my new ‘magic board’. I first decided I needed a magic board after seeing this post. I’m not sure I’d go as far as saying that the board changed my world, but I am certainly feel that it is a step in the right direction towards better photos.

Here it is in the making:

Cut to size and ready for primer
Two coats of Crown Eveningwear and still patchy
The finished product, being modelled by some beautiful flowers I was given by the lovely Dave

Now maybe you’re thinking that a ‘magic board’ is just a fancy name for a piece of painted MDF (which may be true), but it’s a million times better than the rather rubbish paint in The Lodge as a background- see how scratched and marked it is behind Mr and Mrs Santa:

My magic board advice would be:

1. Use matt paint (this was very well-received advice from badskirt’s blog)
2. Use undercoat- although I should have used grey, not white, given how bright the colour is
3. Use emulsion as it washes off, unless you want to get in a big ol’ mess
4. Buy rollers from (yep, you guessed it) Pound Land- I don’t find ones from DIY stores any better unless you spend a lot- not worth it for a magic board!
5. Pick a sunny day, so your board dries quickly and can be left outside

Funky Flamingo

Today I have been crafting funky flamingo Birthday cards on old folder dividers, using scraps of wrapping paper.

I used my guillotine to chop the dividers to make cards that would fit into standard (C6) envelopes:

Old dividers are good for cards as they tend to get scrappy around the edges (which you can chop off) and around the binder holes. OCD Lucy sometimes makes them special plastic pouches to stop this happening, but given that I’ve just emptied 10 (!) lever arch folders full of notes from my degree, there were a fair few that hadn’t yet had the obsessive treatment and were ripe for card making.

This makes a lovely rainbow of blank colourful canvasses:

Perfect for flamingos:

If you want to make your own flamingo cards, here’s a handy template I made:

Happy Flamingo Friday!

Bunting Birthday Cards

We’ve been having a New Year’s clearout and I’ve promised to cut down my boxes and boxes of ‘craft stuff’, so I thought I’d make a start with Birthday cards. I got out lots of leftover scraps of tissue paper, sugar paper and wrapping paper:

I then cut out lots of little triangles from the paper and grouped them together into similar colours to make bunting:

This was a lot of fun and once the triangles were cut out, it was really quick to glue them on and draw the ‘string’ and I think the overall effect is quite cute. Just a shame I chose a design that barely used up any of the craft stuff!

Now I’ve done this, it’s making me think about a cloth bunting project… watch this space!

Cocoa and Chocolate

Although I have been away from Thrifty Lodge blogging, I have very much been in my Lodge over the last week. I had a couple of days off and we had big plans to go on a road trip to Scotland, but decided this might be too overambitious, expensive and cold! So instead, I spent some blissful crafternoons working on Christmas cards and gifts (more on this later). I also had a bit of a clear out and came across these charming old JS Sainsbury Cocoa tins from 1995, which had been wrapped in tie-dye and used as pen pots by my childhood self:

As December looms tomorrow, I am determined not to spend much on Christmas this year, both as a matter of principle and because of our saving-for-a-mortgage-super-thrift-drive. Thrifty Christmas kicks off this coming weekend with my Step Dad’s family, so we have started preparing some tasty Christmas goodies. I have to confess that I had nothing to do with the Christmas chocolates for my cousins below, as it was Dave was slaving away in the kitchen:
The moulds for these were found in a homeware store back home and have been well worth the investment (£1.50 a piece!) particularly when you get a bit creative with different types of chocolate as above. Now we just need to get them all wrapped up. There are lots of good chocolate moulds around, my favourites are these cute gingerbread men and candy canes, this one which has all kinds of different shapes and these tree ornaments, which could be used really creatively.
Above all, I am excited to make a cookie Christmas tree tower with our new set of cutters. I have been lusting after these ever since I spotted them last year, so I look forward to sharing the results soon!
Enjoy your first day of advent calendars tomorrow, here’s ours all filled with little things and ready to be delved into:


As a nod to Dave’s American heritage I have been doing some thanksgiving-themed cooking and craft!

We had our lovely friend Sean round for a big roast this weekend, and I made a rather tasty ‘thanksgiving soup’ with the leftover roasted veg and potatoes:

I then got out one of my favourite books- The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook (a gift from Dave’s lovely American sister indeed) and made these very cute pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing:

I also had fun crafting some house moving cards for some friends who are moving in together, and for Dave’s Mum, who moves house this weekend. Captain Sew was quite cooperative with the card, even if it was a bit tricky using rather stretchy (and prone to curled edges) t-shirt fabric:

This one was made using scraps of wrapping paper on card cut from a folder divider (good thrip!), very simple design but I like the colours:
Happy crafting and Happy Thanksgiving!

Christmas Cards

It’s that time of year again- time for getting out the glue and scissors and producing Christmas cards that look like they came back with a 3 year old from nursery school! So this year, I am determined to produce more sophisticated Christmas cards. This means less of the glitter and PVA and more…

Red card with pretty decorations cut from old gift tags:
Use of the craft knife to cut words with a background from recycled wrapping paper:
Not completely satisfied with either of these ideas yet, but maybe with some refinement (and a sharper knife) they could be good.
In the end I couldn’t resist a few glittery ones…
Happy Christmas crafting everyone!