Thank You Card

Do you need some inspiration for Christmas thank you cards? If so, it’s time to whip out the glitter glue.

Thank You Card

I’m keeping it simple with a stamped ‘thank you’ (stamp from Hobbycraft, with Versafine ink) on a piece of card cut from an old file divider. Then for the fun bit with some glitter blobs!

Thank You Stamped Card


Christmas Card Display – Advent 21/24

Day 21/24 – Christmas Cards and a Christmas Monkey

PG Tips Christmas Monkey

My favourite way to display Christmas cards is on a string hung from our beam and what better addition to this than an abseiling PG Tips Christmas monkey? Of course, my thrifty little monkey was free with PG Tips and although there are no Christmas monkeys to be had this year, you can still pick up an all-year-round-monkey at B&M.

Festive Monkey

Felt Christmas Cards – Advent 11/24

Day 11/24 – felt Christmas cards

Felt Christmas Cards

I think this is my favourite Christmas card of this whole advent blog post series (see here, here and here for the rest). I can claim very little of the making credit for this, having purchased the reindeer a long time ago from Hobbycraft (although similar ones are on sale now here) and just adding a stamp below, but I love the end result!

Felt reindeer card

Christmas Bell Cards – Advent 6/24

Day 6/24 – Christmas Bell Cards

Christmas bell cardA Christmas card that jingles? You heard it here first.

Lindt bunny bell card

These cards use the bells saved from Lindt bunnies, but if you’re not as much of a hoarder as me, you can purchase bells from eBay. To take the thrift to the next level, the ribbons I used are the hanging loops cut from clothes, which I tied into a bow and fixed with a split pin. I used the same pre-made red and green cards from The Works and rubber stamp as in this post.

Christmas Tree Cards – Advent 1/24

Day 1/24 – Christmas tree cards

Every day this advent I’ll be posting a thrifty Christmas make, bake or buy. I hope you’ll join me for this festive marathon!

Tree Christmas Card

Today’s post is about these cute Christmas tree cards, which are made with leftover scraps of fabric, stuck using fabric glue, with a bit of extra glue and glitter for the pot and top.

I cut the scraps from an awkwardly-shaped remnant I had in my fabric supplies, using pinking shears and then glued to the card using fabric glue. For the glitter pots I did use PVA as I had it to hand, although I’m sure you could just do a bit extra with the fabric glue. I added silver glitter (which is now all over my desk!) and then stamped on a greeting using a rubber stamp.

You get a tiny bit of deformity in the card from the glue for the pot, so if you had glittery card to hand, may want to stick this on with a glue stick instead.


Fabric (scraps)
Fabric Glue (£2.94, B&Q)
Create Your Own Cards (£1 for 6 cards and envelopes, The Works) – not currently available online
Stamp (£2, Hobby Craft – purchased in a summer sale. Similar available here for £4)
PVA, glitter

Birthday Card Recycling

Before I recycle my Birthday cards (and maybe keep a sentimental few) I pick out those that can be re-purposed into gift cards like this pretty one from my lovely friend Julia:I used my mini guillotine to chop it down to gift card size (or if I wasn’t feeling so fancy, I could just have used scissors):And finally a little hole to thread the ribbon through:Et voila, now I just need to find a present to attach it to:

Happy making 🙂

Birthday Quotes for Birthday Cards

One of my New Year’s Ideas – I prefer these to resolutions 😉 – was to put a quote in every card I wrote in 2015.

So far I’ve really enjoyed finding something apt for every occasion and thought I would share my favourite Birthday quotes in case you were looking for some inspiration…
‘A party without cake is just a meeting’ Julia Child
‘Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right’ F. Scott Fitzgerald
‘Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter’ Mark Twain
‘Age is of no importance unless you are a cheese’ Anon
‘Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest’ Larry Lorenzoni
and my personal favourite:
‘Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake’ Edward Morykwas
Birthday Card Quotes

Paperchase Card Sale

I try to hand-make as many cards as possible, but sometimes that’s not practical, especially when work is busy. I popped to Paperchase the other day to look for a present for a friend and noticed they were having a huge sale on cards. I couldn’t resist snapping lots up to store away!

Paperchase Card Sale

All of these cards were £1 or less. The cards are really good quality, with some reduced from as much as £4.00, so head on down to Paperchase now (or check out the sale online) to grab a bargain!

Circle Punch Birthday Cards

Before recycling old magazines, I sometimes get a bit circle punch crazy (because you never know when you might need lots of colourful 1″ discs, right?)

Circle punches

And that sometimes is when you need to make some blue-gradient Birthday cards…

Circle Card


Or maybe some super-colourful ones…

Colourful circles


And then you just have to hope that everyone in the house had finished reading the magazines…

Circle punch magazine


Happy circle punching!