Christmas Card Display – Advent 21/24

Day 21/24 – Christmas Cards and a Christmas Monkey

PG Tips Christmas Monkey

My favourite way to display Christmas cards is on a string hung from our beam and what better addition to this than an abseiling PG Tips Christmas monkey? Of course, my thrifty little monkey was free with PG Tips and although there are no Christmas monkeys to be had this year, you can still pick up an all-year-round-monkey at B&M.

Festive Monkey

Wine Bottle Candles – Advent 20/24

Day 20/24 – Wine Bottle Candles

Wine bottle candles

Today I’m making the season merry and bright with candles. I’m starting out these wine bottle candles in the hope of getting to here by next year. The thriftiest place I’ve seen to buy candles is IKEA or Flying Tiger, where these bad boys are 2 for £1 and come in all sorts of exciting colours (the question is whether to venture in to coloured wax?)

PS Les Dauphins (red) wine – which definitely wins the prize for prettiest labels – is currently on offer at Ocado.  Or for something more fun and thrifty, try Iron Horse from Aldi (which makes Decanter’s wine recommendations here).

Christmas Succulents – Advent 19/24

Day 19/24 – Bargain succulents at Tesco

Tesco succulents

These little beauties are reduced to £1.47 each at Tesco, including the cute festive pots, which can be artfully turned around to match the decor in your new bathroom, as below:

Christmas succulents

Or even better, you can replace the pots with the beauties your friend got you for your Birthday and re-purpose the Christmassy pots to even more festive purposes, like a casual clementine display:

Clementine display

I’m hoping to find enough time to make the grandparents some Christmas biscuits to be gifted in the china pots… watch this space!

Table Centre Piece – Advent 17/24

Day 17/24 – table centre piece

Table centrepiece

Tomorrow we have family coming over for an early Christmas. Rather than spend lots of money on fancy decorations for the Christmas table, I’m trying to work with what I have to hand. Other options include foraged foliage, candles on cake stands and dried citrus fruit.

Centre piece

This Sanctuary gift set box seemed like a good starting point, combined with pillar candles (the best value I’ve seen is at Home Bargains where they’re £2.99 for 3) and the cinnamon sticks I bundled up for the tree.

Vase of baubles

We’re also working the baubles in a vase look for the excess baubles that our tree couldn’t accommodate as a ‘no extra cost’ festive decoration.

Christmas Gift – Advent 16/24

Day 16/24 – Wooden Spoons

Beatles spoons

Wooden Beatles spoons… possibly the best Christmas present I have ever given!

Wooden spoons from Wilko are 30p each, plus a bit of colouring in commitment and you have a home-made gift guaranteed to amuse! Wrap individually and give one to each member of the family until they have a full set.

Other wooden spoon ideas: festive, The Gruffalo, superhero and patterned.

Cinnamon Sticks – Advent 12/24

Day 12/24 – Cinnamon Stick Tree Decorations

Cinnamon sticks

I bought these cinnamon sticks few months ago for a dinner party recipe (what was I thinking? Simple is always best!) and the rest of the packet has sat dormant in the cupboard ever since. What better way to use them up than to bring a Christmas scent to our home? Cue wrapping in bundles with festive twine and adorning the Christmas tree.

If you are feeling the need for festive aromas, you can buy packs of cinnamon sticks for 99p each at Tesco.

cinnamon on tree