Coffee Loaf Cake with Mocha Fudge Frosting

I think you’re supposed to make simnel cake for Easter, but that’s always seemed terribly un-chocolatey for such a chocolate-filled occasion to me.

I am without an oven at the moment, owing to the ongoing kitchen renovation, but I thought it might be fun to post this cake from last year, which never made it onto the blog, in case you’re looking for a recipe full of chocolately goodness for this Easter weekend.

ND5_0661The recipe comes from Olive Magazine (here). Generally I thought the recipe was pretty good although the frosting was a little generous in quantity and perhaps a touch too sweet. I think you could probably reduce the quantity by 25% and it would still be delicious. The recipe also didn’t include the mini chocolate eggs, which are a must for Easter!

Coffee loafI’ve started using loaf tin liners from Poundland (£1 for 25) when my baking needs to be transported and they’re so much easier than faffing around with greaseproof paper.

Mocha frosting

Decadent and delicious… enjoy!

PS for previous Easter chocolate fun… see 2016, 2015 and 2014

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