Kitchen Reno Ready Meals Review

Since we ripped out our old kitchen, ready to do the various DIY tasks required for the new one, we’ve been living a bit chaotically.  Once we’re straightened out a little more (i.e not washing up in the bath) we’ll be able to try out the oven function on the new microwave, but for now, it’s all about the ready meals. Firstly let me say straight off that ready meals are far from thrifty. At full price they’re eye watering. Even at half price like all of those featured in this post, they still cost a pretty penny, but needs must!

I thought it might be fun to do a few little mini reviews of the meals I thought were the best bang for my buck. This week, I shopped at Sainsbury’s, so everything below can be bought there. I try to stick to a low saturated fat diet so all of these meals are from the ‘My Goodness!’ range.

Sainsbury’s My Goodness! Creamy Haddock Risotto, £2 – 4/5

This was pretty good and creamy as promised. My only criticism was that it could have done with a few more peas, otherwise this was very satisfying.

Sainsbury’s My Goodness! Chilli Prawn Linguine – 4/5

The pasta tasted fresh and the tomato sauce was full of flavour, It was a shame that the prawns were a bit rubbery, otherwise this was pretty good!

Sainsbury’s My Goodness! Tasty Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto – 4/5

This was a good balance of veg to rice and was well flavoured; I’ve been impressed at how none of the meals are bland, but this is the only one that manages that with a salt content that still falls into the ‘green’ category.

Sainsbury’s Katsu Chicken Curry – 5/5

This was my favourite of the range, the curry had real flavour to it and tasted creamy and like it ought to be bad for you! The chicken was tender and the rice wasn’t completely plain and generic as I’ve found some ready meal rices to be.

I have a big appetite and the portions of these meals are relatively small, but they were surprisingly filling, given that they all have under 450 calories. I’ll definitely be heading back to Sainsbury’s to try out the rest of the range.

Here’s hoping that if you’re having ready meals this week, it’s for convenience reasons, rather than chaotic ones!

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