IKEA Christmas Tree – Advent 7/24

Day 7/24 – IKEA Christmas tree

Christmas Tree

This is our first ever real tree! We have an artifical tree in the loft, so I’ve never justfied the purchase of a real one, until now. The IKEA offer was too good to resist though; with a £20 voucher (no minimum spend) in return for spending £25 on a tree.

IKEA Tree Voucher

All of their trees are the same price, so you need to arrive early if you want a tall one (ours is a little over 6ft and we showed up before 10am). The voucher is valid to spend from 16th January – 12th February 2017, so you might want to put a reminder in the diary.

Disclaimer – if you fall in love with some baubles whilst in IKEA and end up buying two packs of these, totalling £9 and need to buy the stand for £15 then it somewhat negates the £20 voucher, but I’m treating these as long-term investments!

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