Christmas Tree Cards – Advent 1/24

Day 1/24 – Christmas tree cards

Every day this advent I’ll be posting a thrifty Christmas make, bake or buy. I hope you’ll join me for this festive marathon!

Tree Christmas Card

Today’s post is about these cute Christmas tree cards, which are made with leftover scraps of fabric, stuck using fabric glue, with a bit of extra glue and glitter for the pot and top.

I cut the scraps from an awkwardly-shaped remnant I had in my fabric supplies, using pinking shears and then glued to the card using fabric glue. For the glitter pots I did use PVA as I had it to hand, although I’m sure you could just do a bit extra with the fabric glue. I added silver glitter (which is now all over my desk!) and then stamped on a greeting using a rubber stamp.

You get a tiny bit of deformity in the card from the glue for the pot, so if you had glittery card to hand, may want to stick this on with a glue stick instead.


Fabric (scraps)
Fabric Glue (£2.94, B&Q)
Create Your Own Cards (£1 for 6 cards and envelopes, The Works) – not currently available online
Stamp (£2, Hobby Craft – purchased in a summer sale. Similar available here for £4)
PVA, glitter

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