Vegan Chocolate Cake

I was very sceptical about whether a chocolate cake with no eggs and no butter would work, but I love a challenge! I am pleased to say that not only did it rise beautifully, but it tasted deliciously moist too. This recipe is a keeper as the lack of butter and eggs make it super thrifty and it was really quick and easy to make.

Eggs and butter free choc cake

I mostly followed this recipe, although I used self-raising flour when I think the recipe intended plain and chocolate soya milk because that was what was on offer at the time ;). I’m loving the whole website, which is full of inspiring recipes and gives the measurements in grams as well as cups – hallelujah!

This cake would make a great plain base for a chocolate ganache or buttercream icing – if you need an extra chocolate dose – or I can vouch for its yumminess served warm with vanilla ice cream.┬áBest of all, the half of this delicious cake that I managed not to eat right away is now sliced up and in my freezer, ready to defrost and enjoy when I have a chocolate craving!

Happy baking!

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