Anti-cellulite Scrub for under £1

There are lots of lotions and potions promising to banish lumpy legs, but the price tag seems pretty steep and (maybe because I’m in denial) I wasn’t ready to commit!

I came across this scrub recipe and it looked like a good place to start, requiring only 3 ingredients: coffee grounds, coconut oil and salt. We have a coffee machine, so rather than compost the grounds as usual, I saved about 4 day’s worth – 5 tbsps, if you don’t have a coffee machine, most coffee shops give away free bags of grounds, so I’m going to count this ingredient as no cost. I used approx 3 tbsps of this coconut oil from Aldi, which was about 1/3 of the jar, coming in at 83p and finally, a couple of tsps of sea salt at a few pence.

Total cost: approx 90p


Anti cellulite scrub

The ingredients combined easily to form a scrub (although since, the coconut oil has formed a bit of a layer at the bottom of the jar, but this isn’t really a problem), which smells heavenly. It’s just the right amount of coarseness to smooth my skin without irritating it and when combined with dry body-brushing, seems to be firming up my legs a treat.

Coffee scrub

Happy body scrubbing!


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