Garden Landscaping Splurge

Most things we’re happy to tackle ourselves to save some money, but when it came to landscaping the garden, I decided it was time to get the professionals in. What a revelation!

We got a couple of quotes and went for the guy we felt most comfortable with (who also great online reviews) and in just two days, our garden went from zero to hero! Here are a few before photos:

Garden BeforeThis is how the garden was when we moved in. Fifty shades of brown, anyone?

Old garage

This is just before we took the garage down.

Bare garden

We then lived with it in this bare state for a while, whilst deciding what to do next.

Concrete slab

Oh and then we got a bit carried away and broke up the concrete slab with a sledgehammer (this is when we were still intending to do the paving, turf etc ourselves) which resulted in about 12 trips to the tip and newly acquired biceps.

Sketch Up Garden 1We used Sketch Up to design the layout and initially came up with this, but a we soon realised that running a fence down the side wouldn’t leave enough space to swing the car in (lucky we checked!) I also thought that the curves looked a bit artificial, so we simplified it right down to have a rectangle of paved driveway, a rectangle of grass, a rectangle of gravel and a rectangular planter.


Garden after photo

At the moment, it looks pretty plain, whilst we work out what to plant and how to create some privacy for our seating area, but overall, I’m pleased. These photos were taken the day after it was finished, so the turf is still in squares and the chairs haven’t been put back in place, but the clematis was out then and it looked lovely in the evening sun. The car also gives some context to show the proportions, which are fairly compact, but that suits us just fine.

The table and (missing!) chairs are IKEA’s Angso range, purchased from Gumtree and strapped to the roof of my car for the 2 hour drive home, but so worth it as I paid £100 and this set would retail at £450. They could do with a lick of paint, which is on the to do list.

I will return with an update once we’ve worked out what to plant where and how to shade our table, just in case the sun ever decides to come out again so we can enjoy our garden landscaping splurge, which was totally worth every penny we saved for it!


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