Clubcard Boost Day Out at Longleat

What have you spent your Tesco Clubcard vouchers on lately? We spent ours on a trip to Longleat safari park, where £9 in Clubcard vouchers buys you an adult day ticket.

Longleat Tesco Clubcard

I was sceptical about a day out designed for small people, but it was actually pretty fun, even if I did chicken out of driving through the monkey enclosure after seeing what they were doing to other cars!



An adult day ticket is usually £28.85 online, so the vouchers are slightly better than 3 x value and mean you pay nothing for something that I would deem to be a pretty pricey day out.


There’s enough to do to make a whole day out (extra thrifty points for bringing your own picnic, of course) with animal enclosures like meerkats and penguins to walk around, a maze, a bat cave and feeding times throughout the day. The ticket includes entry to Longleat House too.

All in all, it’s roaring fun/a hoot/insert other animal-related joke here!

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