Cleaning Wax Out of a Glass Candle Jar

I love an Ikea Sinnlig candle (especially now Ikea has lowered the price!) and have had a few burnt out candles waiting to be re-purposed for a while now.

Clean out Sinnlig candle

I finally got round to cleaning them out this weekend and thought I’d share a few simple tips to remove wax and repurpose candle jars.

First off, place the candle jar in a bowl of warm water:

Cleaning out candle jar

And then pop it in the freezer for a couple of hours. The temperature change should harden the wax and then using a knife, you should be able to gently prise it out in one piece:

Freeze candle then prise wax out

Et voila, a glass jar you can now use for whatever you please.

Here are a few ideas from Pinterest to get you started: make up brushes, growing plants, beauty supplies, or decorate and use as a tealight holder.

I’m planning to use my new collection of glass jars for jewellery storage… watch this space!

Cleaning out Sinnlig

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