Chocolate Covered Strawberries

As today is the men’s Wimbledon final, it seems only right to post about strawberries (even though the last post was strawberry-themed – I’m obsessed!) For a bit of a treat, I tried coating them in chocolate. This would make a fun desert for a BBQ or is a great snack for watching the tennis.

It was fun, if a little messy, rolling them in the melted dark chocolate (I used Aldi dark chocolate, 30p for 100g):

Chocolate strawberries

And then hard to be patient and wait for them to set (I left mine overnight), but it was well worth it for crisp chocolate on the outside and soft strawberries on the inside, delicious:

Cho strawberries

Strawberries for Wimbledon

Happy munching!

PS Did you know that 7 strawberries provides your recommended daily amount of vitamin C?

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