Seed Pot Maker

I have been wanting to make pots for growing seeds for ages. I came across this seed pot maker in Sainsbury’s and thought I would share with you as today I spotted it reduced to just £1.50. Snap it up quick!

Sainsburys Pot Maker

It’s a pretty simple idea – you get a block to wrap the newspaper around and then a base that you push the newspaper into to form a base:

Seed Pot Maker

The instructions suggest you use strips of newspaper 9cm wide and 58cm long, but after a bit of experimenting, I’ve discovered that the pots work just as well using shorter strips from magazine pages, which allow you to pick some fun patterns for your pots.

I used a selection of my favourite free magazines and pulled out an advert with an eye-catching design for these pots:
Seed Pot

Now to plant some seeds… happy growing!

Magazine Seed Pots


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