How to Lose a Garage in 10 Days

Ever since we bought the house, I had been desperate to get rid of this concrete monstrosity:

Garage Before

It wasn’t big enough for a modern car and even though a garage is a pretty useful thing to have, in our little garden the extra space seemed like more of a priority.

So I put the garage on Gumtree and said that as long as the collector dismantled, it would be theirs to take. Within an hour, someone who lives just up the road (literally!) had seen the post and agreed to come and take it away the following weekend. I did a happy dance in front of a very disbelieving N, who had sworn blind that nobody would take it.

Last weekend, bright and early, we began to remove everything that was attached to said garage:

Garage removal

Here we both are, hard at work (I look like I’m directing traffic, but I think I’m throwing some garden waste into the sack?):

Garden with garage

N garden

We re-located the plants and compost bin to the other side of the garden and saved the trellis and fence for future projects. N also managed to remove the big fence posts with a lot of heave ho-ing!

Our Gumtree friends came to pick up the garage, which came down remarkably quickly:

Give away your garage on Gumtree ND5_9142 ND5_9141

And now (several trips to the tip later) we are left with a rather barren empty space:

Garden without garage

Hopefully this won’t be for long as I am formulating plans as we speak. Watch this space for a small, but perfectly formed garden complete with hot tub and swimming pool parking, entertaining and growing space coming soon!

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