Thriftea Swap – A Coffee for an Apple

I drive a lot for work and it can be tempting when I’m flagging to grab a takeaway coffee from a service station. Most of the time I resist by either making a coffee to go (in my amazing Contigo mug) or dropping into Waitrose for a free coffee*, but I read the other day that an apple makes a great substitute for coffee because of the fructose, carbohydrates, protein and vitamin C, which all work to give you instant energy.

Apple Energy Boost

An apple costs around 30p and you typically pay £3 or more in a motorway service station for a small coffee, so with that kind of maths compelling me, I decided to give it a try for a couple of weeks.

I’ve been amazed at how effective an apple can be. I try to eat a lot of fruit anyway, but apples are definitely the secret to that little boost and what’s more, you get to feel smug about your healthy choice. My next task is to make some sort of container to prevent them from rolling around in the car.

Happy snacking!


* Waitrose has just announced that as from 9th Feb you’ll need to purchase something to qualify for free coffee. I haven’t seem the full terms yet to know how much you’ll need to spend, but chances are this will still be one of the most cost-effective options when you need a coffee on the go

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