Finished Flat

Exciting news (and hopefully a good reason for the lack of posts) – we have moved!

Before I share photos of the new place, I thought I’d post a few of the finished flat before moving out, as I realise a lot of what happened never really ended up on here…



Kitchen – we didn’t really need to do much here other than lay the floor, but we did fit the wine rack (oh and all of the integrated appliances – never ever taking a washer dryer up to a second floor flat again!)



Flat en suite

En suite – again, not much claim to fame here, other than sourcing the perfect mirror cupboard with lots of shelves (which I am now missing terribly in the new place!)


Flat living room

Open plan living area – my favourite project in the flat was spray painting the chairs; we sold almost all of the furniture when we moved, but couldn’t bear to part with the chairs, so they have moved with us

Flat open plan

Another shot of the living area with the ‘built in’ Ikea Besta storage we fitted

Flat office

Office – this never quite got finished (see eyesore turquoise curtains!), but we had fun creating the gallery wall and prettying up the storage after this photo was taken

Flat bedroom Pax

Bedroom – I didn’t ever share the picture frame wall in here, or the ‘built in’ Pax wardrobes… more faux built in fun to come though in the new place though, I hope!

And so that chapter closes. Here’s to fresh beginnings, a new year and a new house. Cheers!

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