Prettying up Storage Boxes

When I was looking back at these pictures of the Expedit storage in the office/spare bedroom, one of the things that really struck me was how mis-matched and cluttered all of the storage looked.

I wanted to pretty up some of the storage, but without buying new containers. This project cost just 90p for a roll of wrapping paper from Tesco (with plenty left for other projects/wrapping up). In addition to the wrapping paper, I used a cereal box, some leftover scraps of white card, glue and scissors, plus my alphabet stamps (mine were £2 from Hobbycraft) and ink, all of which I already had.

The problem was that the frosted fronts showed all of the contents, which on the plus side meant I could easily see what was inside, but on the down side meant they looked messy:

Office storage boxes


To counter this, I measured the front-facing panel of the boxes and cut to size some cardboard from the cereal box. I glued the wrapping paper to these cardboard rectangles and neatly trimmed the edges to size. I then trimmed my scraps of white card to fit in the label holders and used the letter stamps to mark what was inside.

Office box labels


5 minutes later, they were all slotted into place and back on the shelf and what a big difference they make!

Office storage


Pretty chevron storage

This was a quick, cheap and easy project with high impact… my favourite kind! It has now inspired me to try and tackle the rest of this room on the never-ending quest for storage that’s not an eyesore… Watch this space.


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