Wardrobe Updates- Bringing Items Back to Life

The change of season seems like a good time to make some wardrobe updates as we transition from summer to winter clothes.

I’ve picked up a few things that I needed to get some underused clothes back into the mix. Making things last is a big part of my thrifty policy and if it all it takes if a few pounds here and there, it’s well worth it.

First up was a fix for these grey shoes, which I bought a couple of years ago from Next in the sale. They’re made of lovely, soft leather, but they scratch easily and were looking too scruffy to wear to work any more.

Woly Shoe Cream

I was struggling to find any polish to match and also wondered if they might be too far gone for shoe polish until Woly Shoe Cream was recommended to me. I chanced a pot of it for £4 inc P&P from eBay and, lo and behold, I now can wear the shoes again!

Rescue scratched shoes

Next up was this skirt. I love the colour and pattern, but it’s always been an awkward length on me and therefore never made the cut when picking an outfit. I’ve been meaning to shorten it for years, but I didn’t have any orange cotton for Captain Sew. £1.70 and ten minutes later… I now have a just-above-knee skirt I can wear at home and at work.

Shorten skirt

My attention then turned to this suit jacket, which was a bit musty from being worn fairly infrequently and was looking a bit sorry for itself. I’d heard good things about Dr Beckmann’s Dry-Clean Only Sheets, but I was slightly wary when I learned that the big supermarkets have stopped stocking them. Armed with lots of positive reviews, I ordered a pack (containing 3 sheets) on Amazon for £3.82 and decided to risk it for a biscuit. After all, the suit jacket wasn’t getting worn so seemed like a good testing ground before taking the risk on a more expensive dry-clean only item.

Dry Beckmann Dry Clean Only

I am pleased to report that the suit jacket survived its tumble dry-clean experience and is now looking and smelling much fresher and is back in use!

Finally, I’ve popped one of these dehumidifier eggs (available from Amazon) into my wardrobe to keep things dry over the damper months.

Dehumidifier Egg

Now when I look in my wardrobe, there’s nothing hanging around in a dark corner taking up space and not being worn and best of all, I feel like I have new clothes and all for just a few pounds!

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