How to Create a Gallery Wall on a Budget

Gallery walls are all the rage right now and I am unashamed to say that I have hopped on the band wagon!

Thrifty Gallery Wall

The walls of the flat are very tall and very white. The second bedroom/office seemed like the perfect place for a gallery wall to fill some of the blank space, so we set about creating one that had sentimental value and didn’t cost the earth.

First up, was my old Kermit the Frog poster, which was on the wall in my halls of residence at uni (!) thank you to the grapefruit for holding the poster out flat, allowing me to pick my favourite Kermit pose:

Kermit poster

Which had to be Kermit with head in hands!

Kermit in frame

Next up was this fudge box, bought back by N’s parents from Guernsey, where he used to holiday as a child:

Fudge box for gallery

I love the cow made out of the Guernsey letters, so we chose a frame that would maximise the cow (and hide the fact it was a fudge box!)

Guernsey cow in frame

I also really like this page of The Times from the day I was born, which I picked up from the Cheltenham Literature Festival a couple of years ago as a freebie.

Budget gallery art

Or how about framing a postcard? This postcard is from my day out in Liverpool and brings a little bit of colour to the monochrome theme.

Framed postcard

The frames in the gallery are an assorted of black frames collected over the years, plus a handful of new ones (mostly Ikea Ribba), we also thrifted some fixings from old/broken frames to make sure we could hang things where we needed to:

Thrifty framing

The trinket box you can see in the shot below is this one from my new favourite shop, Tiger and was probably the most expensive thing on the wall at £10 (unless you count my degree certificate, which is up there and cost to the tune of £20k, but let’s gloss over that for now!)

Gallery Wall

We played around with the layout by measuring out the space on the living room floor and laying out the frames, or you can seek inspiration from Pinterest, which has lots of layout ideas.

I’m really pleased with the finished result, which definitely brings some much-needed personality, next up is to rid the room of those awful turquoise curtains!

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