Chalkboard Placemats

An excuse for grown-ups to doodle at the table? Yes please!

Chalkboard Placemats

I’ve been wanting to try this project for ages and have been on the hunt for suitable placemats to up cycle at every opportunity. In the end, I picked these up at our local pound shop:


Zebra print overload, no?

The first job was to strip the paper and film top layer back (if you have trouble with sticky paper residue, see here for some top tips):

Placemat upcycle

Once I had a ‘clean’ surface to start from, I applied a couple of coats of emulsion as primer (I used a dark tester pot I picked up from the sale shelf for 50p in B&Q):

Primer on Placemats

I used a brush to apply the primer, but as I didn’t want a streaky finish, switched to a mini foam roller to paint on a couple of coats of chalkboard paint, et voila:


I used this B&Q chalkboard paint, purchased on a buy one get one half price and I’m really pleased with the finish as it’s a lovely, deep black. This project only used about 1/4 of the 500ml tub, so watch this space for more chalkboard projects!

In total, the materials for this project came to £5.65:

£4 for the tablemats

£1.40 for 1/4 tub of chalkboard paint

25p for 1/2 pot of emulsion

This cost obviously includes buying the tablemats and coasters, but ideally you’d up cycle existing ones, or pick some up in the charity shop, which would make this an even thriftier update.

Happy doodling!



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