Expedit Divider Removal – Ikea Hack

The second bedroom/office is nearly finished, hurrah!

This weekend we tackled an improvement to the Expedit shelving system* to create a wider space to house our printer at the same height as the desk. Apologies for the picture quality, I was too impatient to get going/get the proper camera out!


To remove a divider from your Expedit, follow the instructions below (which will need adapting slightly depending on the shelf you want to remove):

1. Unscrew the top and bottom bolts on both short ends of the Expedit, allowing you to remove one short end (go for the one nearest to the shelf you want to remove):


2. You will also need to remove the long side:


3. We were going for the second divider down, so we had to temporarily remove the top divider in order to get to it – gently pull it out and put to one side, making sure not to lose or damage the dowels. Use a piece of tape or a sticky note to mark which side of the divider was originally attached to the short end of the unit:

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4. Repeat this process for the shelf that is now exposed and the divider you are removing. You should then be left with dowels sticking out where the now defunct divider had been previously. These dowels will need to go back in later, so you need to mark the point where the dowels meet the shelf with a pencil:


5. Carefully remove the dowel rods with a pair of pliers:


6. Using a hacksaw, carefully cut the dowels along the pencil line:


7. Gently sand the dowels to give a clean finish and insert back into the shelf and colour the tips black with a permanent marker so they won’t be too obvious on your new shelf:


8. You should have now successfully created a wide, flat shelf, you just need to sort out the dowels for the shelf and divider you are placing back above it – otherwise these will stick out. Take the top divider, which you set aside in step 3 and mark the bottom 4 dowels (not the ones going back into the short end, identified by the sticky note) with the depth of one shelf:


9.Remove the dowels with pliers, cut to size and sand down, as above. Rebuild the Expedit with the new, shorter dowels and get your colouring pen out again:


10. Replace the long side and short ends and tighten up the bolts. Stand up the Expedit and admire your handiwork:

Expedit Hack

11. You are now ready to use your super-wide shelf!

Watch this space for more office updates over the next couple of weeks 🙂

* If, like me, you loved all things Expedit, you may have seen this and panicked. Fear not, as Ikea reassures us that although Kallax is replacing Expedit, it still has all of the flexibility and practicality that we know and love.

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