Cupboard Mounted Ikea Wine Rack

Cupboard Wine Rack

We’d been on the lookout for a wine rack that will fit under a kitchen cupboard ever since we moved in, but to no avail (note to self: invent wine rack that fits under cupboard and get rich!) The only ones we could find were too long to go between the under counter lights and didn’t seem to be for sale in the UK.

Then we had a thought – we could adapt a rack that was designed to go on the wall, as there are lots of those to choose from. We picked this Ikea Vurm as it was in-keeping with the brushed stainless steel handles in the kitchen, small enough to fit in the space and a snip at £9.50.

I was a bit worried about mounting it under the cupboard. As you can see in the photo above, the cupboard base doesn’t run all the way to the wall and the mounts on the rack are right at either end, so we had to drill a new hole in the rack (which we bolted through from the inside of the cupboard, just to be safe!) Once I’d gotten over that fear, my next concern was that the wine bottles would just fall out, but I am pleased to report that they stay firmly in place!

Vurm under cupboard

The only downside is that the wine rack only takes slim bottles, which I’m prone to forgetting in the supermarket, but overall, it was an easy DIY job and a good use of the otherwise unusable space above the cookery books, so we’re really pleased. Cheers to that!

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