Using Up Avocados – Food Processor Guacamole

I <3 my new (hand-me-down) food processor and have been using it to make basically any recipe you can name.

Today, I had some over-ripe avocados (the kind that come from Bethnal Green market on a Saturday at 4 for £1) to use up and fancied making some guacamole to go with dinner, so out came the food processor!


I didn’t have any fresh lemons to hand, so I just used bottled lemon juice (a fridge staple!), a couple of tomatoes and seasoning…


Whizzed it all up et voila – guacamole!

Food Processor Guacamole

Bring on the fajitas!

PS If you’re not hungry for avocados, why not use them to make a face mask?


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