Back to Black

I’m back on the Dylon again, this time to restore some faded black clothes to their former best, like this work dress:

Dylon black

Which was showing its age (it was given to me by my mother after a long office career!), but now is back to its blackened best:

Dylon Black

I also dyed a jacket, but there was still a bit of space in the washing machine, so I decided to brave dying this bright red jumper black:

Dye red jumper black


It was given to me and although I love the colour and the style, I just never seem to find the right occasion to wear it. I decided that dying it black might make it more versatile and I am really pleased with the results:



I deliberately picked this over-exposed photo as it allows you to see that it still had a bit of a red undertone to it, but I think that just adds to it. Now I won’t feel so bad when the weather turns cold as I’ll have a ‘new’ jumper to wear!

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