Thrifty Gift Wrapping with Newspaper

A lot of friends and family have late spring/early summer Birthdays and as part of my ethos to simplify, re-use and save money, I have been experimenting with using newspaper for gift wrapping. Here are some of my efforts (try and think ‘crafty and thrifty’, not ‘fish and chip shop’)…

Newspaper gift bag made using these instructions:

Newspaper Gift Bag

Simple, but effective wrapping for a book (and fast too as there’s no need to cut to size!):

Newspaper Wrap Book

Newspaper wrapping with a home-made gift tag (cut out from an old greetings card) and tied on with a bow (from a ribbon hanger cut out of a top):

Newspaper Wrapping

Newspaper gift bow made using this guide:

Newspaper bow


Especially thrifty when using a free Waitrose newspaper and ideal for an evening in front of the TV!

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