Happy Easter with 20p Chocolate Lollipops

Happy Easter! Hope you’re having a wonderful day.

Sometimes I make Easter gifts overly complicated, but this year I kept it really simple, by making chocolate lollipops.

Easter choc lollipops

I picked up the plastic mold in a kit for 79p in Tesco last year after Easter, which came with 4 lolly sticks (and some dubious looking ‘chocolate mix’). I used Tesco Value chocolate at 35p per 100g (which made 4 or more), both milk and dark, depending on the recipient.

To make chocolate lollipops, melt the chocolate gently in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water, pour into the mold and roll the sticks to ensure they set firmly into the lollipop.  I’d recommend cooling in the fridge before removing, to make the chocolate nice and glossy, then just pop each lollipop out.

Easter chocolate lollipop

I then wrapped each lolly in cellophane (which is a staple crafting good here!) and tied with one of the little ribbons you get when you cut the hanging loops out of clothes.

So 10p per lolly for the mould, 8p per lollipop for the chocolate and 2p per lolly stick – all for a fraction of the price and twice the thoughtfulness of a shop-bought lollipop!

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