Almond Milk & Banana Smoothie

I have never really ventured into the whole ‘alternative milk’ arena. Mainly because it’s usually much more expensive than cow’s milk and I’ve never really sat there, drinking cow’s milk and thought ‘you know, this would be better if this came from something other than a cow’. But then I was flicking through the latest copy of the Tesco magazine and I came across a voucher for 70p off of almond milk and when I Googled it, I found¬†this article on the benefits, so I thought maybe I’d give it a go.

For my first foray into the deep and complicated world of ‘alternative milk’, I opted for something with only 3 ingredients: banana, almond milk and honey…

Almond milk


… and a pretty simple smoothie recipe: chop and freeze banana and once frozen, remove the banana from the freezer and pop in the blender with half a cup of almond milk and a desert spoon of honey. Pour and serve.

Almond milk smoothie


It was rather nice, but then I think from the ingredient list, this was to be expected, but the real test will come tomorrow on my Weetabix! I don’t think I’d make it a regular alternative, but if you have spotted a (more adventurous?) recipe with almond milk that you want to try, now’s the time. With the voucher, fresh almond milk is ¬£1 for 1 litre (which is still quite a lot more than cow’s milk, but you can be smug in the knowledge of all of those B vitamins and super skin benefits!)

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