We have been blasting through the main bedroom this month as our target finish date of mid February approaches rapidly (sssh, don’t tell that I’m blogging instead of filling/sanding/priming etc). Here’s a little update…

We’ve started off like this:

(Yes we were sleeping in there!)

And then stripped it out until it looked like this:

And then we added some insulation and plasterboard to keep us toasty:
And after putting our plastering skills (acquired at a B&Q ‘You Can Do It’ course) and some not-so-well-honed coving skills to the test, we ended up here:
So then it was time for the exciting bit- choosing the colour! We spent aaaages deliberating over the relative merits of whether we wanted our walls to resemble to breath of an elephant or a mysterious lady named ‘Joanna’, before finally settling on Egyptian Cotton. So, once we’d done a couple of undercoats, I painted some on the wall:
And it was exactly what I wanted- classy, neutral and understated. So out I went to buy myself a tin of  Dulux Endurance and as it doesn’t come in a 5 litre tin and I knew I’d need more than a weedy 2.5 litre tin, I got the nice man at B&Q to mix me some up at the Dulux machine, which he did. And since you ask, it is far cheaper to get it mixed that to buy 2 x 2.5 litre tins. So I walked home, all smug and happy.
Then I started cutting in and it looked all lovely and cottony and beigey:

And then I got my roller out and huffed and puffed until all of the walls were covered:
And then it dried. And IT TURNED MAUVE. Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh.
Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. And I can’t really provide you with any evidence to judge for yourself, being as it is dark and all, but trust me, it’s mauve. So I painted another coat and IT’S STILL MAUVE.
As we can’t really afford to go out and splurge on some Farrow & Ball or Little Greene to make it all OK, I’m embracing it. You heard it here first, this season’s new hottest colour- mauve.

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