‘Get Well Soon’ Freezer Meals

We have just got back from a mad weekend in London and Kent, visiting friends, celebrating Birthdays and delivering some meals for the freezer to a very dear relative of ours who isn’t well at the moment.
We had a bit of a cooking frenzy of these ‘get well soon’ meals that resulted in an emergency dash into my latest thrift paradise- Poundland- for some freezer and microwave friendly tubs (8 for £1!)
I then had a bit too much fun labelling them with the coloured pens:



We ended up with a bit of a stack (vegetable lasagne, carrot and coriander soup and parsnip soup):


This got me thinking that I should get back into making more meals for the freezer, we’ve been so busy in the evenings lately and it would be rather nice to get home and de-frost a ready-cooked meal. I’d betting get writing this week’s freezer-friendly shopping list…

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