Home Made Travel Journal

This year, Dave had a travel/holiday/cycle themed Birthday- including lots of new cycling kit and some books about new routes and places for us to go. I also wanted to make something, so decided to make a travel journal to replace our old one, which is full of notes, pictures and ideas:

I got a notebook for £1.29 from WH Smith:
I then wrapped it in the brown card that comes from the inside of a roll of wrapping paper to give it some strength and had fun cutting out and sticking various images from leaflets, magazines etc:

I also cut out little strips of the photos that you often get on an index sheet when you get photos printed and scattered these around:
And finally, wrapped it in sticky back plastic (not that you can really see it in the photo!) to make it a bit more durable for our travels:
I had a quick scout around Amazon and there are some lovely ones- magnetic closure, cute and quirky and Moleskine, for example, but I think you can’t beat a good personalised gift for £1.29 (however much I may adore Paperchase)
Now we just need to book a holiday!

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